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About dry Thai

Jiyuan city dry Thai industrial co., LTD. Is located in jiyuan city jade sichuan industrial concentration area¡£

Jiyuan city according to the north£¬South of the Yellow River£¬West wangwu£¬Jiaozuo in the east£»The beautiful scenery£¬Rich in natural resources£¬The transportation is convenient£¬Industry developed¡£

The company specializes in r&d of the calcium aluminate powder¡¢Production and sales£¬The main products have calcium aluminate powder¡¢Bauxite¡¢Polyaluminium chloride¡¢Polyacrylamide, etc£¬

With modern production equipment and strict quality management system£¬Wholly-funded subsidiary jiyuan city wu Lin with a total investment of water purification materials co., LTD23600Ten thousand yuan£¬Annual production of calcium aluminate powder30Ten thousand tons¡£

The company covers an area ofaa0Square meters£¬Existing staff200More than one£¬One senior engineering talents50More than one¡£

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Focus on the dry information£¬The dynamic control of industry£¬Hand in hand£¬Seek common development

How to use color to determine polyaluminium chloride content
Normally when we purchase polyaluminium chloride polyaluminium chloride quality generally judged by 3 oxidation 2 aluminium content water insolubles and base the three indicators£¬But from the appearance can be intuitive judgment out content¡£
Dry co. Positive response government pollution prevention and control work
2018Years6Month1Day£¬Jiyuan city government held¡¶Jiyuan city100Day crucial pep rally for the control of air pollution¡·£¬In order to respond to the call of the government¡¢Cooperate with the pollution prevention and control work£¬Dry company under the guidance of chairman Mr NiuWeiMin£¬For dry Thai factory refurbished outdoor equipment
Emergency shut down for a month China¡±Flocculant¡°A solid waste crisis£¡
2018Years5Month22Gongyi city issued¡¶On further strengthening solid waste environmental renovation work of the special notice¡·£¬Gongyi city all production inorganic flocculant£¨Polyaluminium chloride¡¢Polymeric ferric chloride¡¢Alkali aluminum chloride¡¢Ferrous sulfate¡¢Aluminum sulfate£¬Polymeric ferric sulfate, etc£©Manufacturers5Month24Day at all£¬The production time is one month¡£????
Extended a warm welcome to shanxi pinglu county government leadership to guide work
Shanxi pinglu county party secretary¡¢County line£¬4Month20Day to visit our company to visit and guide work£¬Accompanied by chairman NiuWeiMin introduced the overall operation and development of the company¡£

News center

Focus on the dry information£¬The dynamic control of industry£¬Hand in hand£¬Seek common development


Company products are widely used in power¡¢Chemical industry¡¢Metallurgy¡¢The gas¡¢Paper making¡¢Textiles¡¢Printing and dyeing¡¢Oil and towns
Water supply and drainage industry of water treatment systems¡£At present£¬The company has developed into the domestic competitive water treatment
Production-oriented enterprises¡£Products are sold to henan¡¢Hebei¡¢Shandong¡¢Shanxi¡¢Jiangsu¡¢Hubei¡¢Chongqing and other places£¬Optimal
Quality products and perfect service for the user's consistent high praise¡£

 Hand in hand to do ty  For environmental protection

Mutual Cooperation, Common Development


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